you ain't a beauty - but hey, you're all right

30 year old, stupidly in love, San Francisco. Librarian/archivist. I love rare books and quiet study.

TV: Hannibal, Person of Interest, Suits, Parks and Recreation, White Collar, Spooks.

People: Jeremy Renner, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, RDJ, Jennifer Garner, Amy Adams, Hayley Atwell.

Movies: Avengers owns my life.
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Let’s stretch, bitches.

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get to know me (10 actors): jeremy renner

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colour palettes: jeremy renner

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Jason Walsh quotes

Reblog because Jason Walsh quotes are important

Reblog because Jason Walsh is important.

Rewatch necessary.

Highly recommended show.

Much Renner + strong female characters.

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If you don’t like him, you’re wrong. 

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Jason Walsh quotes

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Jeremy Renner ~ Promo Shoot; The Town. 

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